Whether you’re a thrill seeker or the thought of an auction has you quivering, you need to hear why auctions are the preferred option for many property owners in New Zealand. Here are some of the benefits of listing your property to be sold by auction:

  • You set the terms and conditions of sale.
  • The property only needs to be opened for buyer viewing at times that suit you best, so the auction process is regarded as the least disruptive method of selling.
  • You and your Salesperson will decide how long your property is on the market before the auction date. This often leads to your property being on the market for a shorter time.
  • An intensive, high profile auction marketing programme puts a spotlight on your property.
  • Marketing with no price attracts interested, cash-in-hand buyers. These buyers are focused on the maximum price they’ll pay, not how low their offer should be. This is the reason properties sold through auction are to a higher sales rates.
  • Auctions create a sense of urgency, bringing buyers to a point of decision. Combined with the excitement of the big day and buyers’ natural competition, this helps establish the highest possible price on the day.


At Cooper & Co, we guarantee to deliver a professionally executed auction process for our valued clients. We are consistently achieving higher clearance rates than our competitors, so if you are looking for the best representation when selling your property then we would love the opportunity to work with you.


Harcourts Cooper & Co are proud to have some of the country’s best auctioneers working exclusively for them and their clients. All auctioneers work closely with the salespeople, they will meet the client to conduct a reserve and auction day strategy meeting and having 5 auctioneers means quite simply we can give the property the time and attention it deserves.

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Harcourts Cooper & Co is the only company on the North Shore running weekly information evenings explaining the Auction process to buyers. We find an informed buyer is more comfortable participating at our Auctions which means that our Auctions have a higher success rate.
Join us every Thursday at 5:30pm
Harcourts Cooper & Co Takapuna Auction Room, 128 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna 0622


Some companies take away a vendor’s legal right to bid at Auction in New Zealand. Harcourts Cooper & Co leave this choice up to their clients. Harcourts Cooper & Co have faith in their clients understanding of the Auction process as they have been made fully aware of all aspects of the process.


Whilst all companies will say they can do on site Auctions, actions speak louder than words and clearly by their actions it is not their preference! Often agencies will get lured by the attractiveness of being able to call bulk numbers of Auctions in rooms at one time and from a time management perspective it is attractive. At Harcourts Cooper & Co we are fortunate to have the resources to offer both!

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